Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is considered among the most effective treatments for obesity, a condition that affects about one-third of the U.S adult population and is considered one of the leading preventative health threats throughout the world Also known as bariatric surgery, this form of weight loss therapy is often recommended for those who have struggled with obesity and have failed to lose weight through traditional diet and exercise programs. At Florida Bariatrics and Wellness Center we offer two of the most popular weight loss procedures available

Gastric Band Surgery

Florida Bariatrics and Wellness Center offers laparoscopic adjustable gastric band bariatric surgery in South Florida. Gastic band surgery,often referred to as Lap Band, is the safest of the bariatric procedures with the lowest rate of complications during surgery surgical and in the immediate post-operative period.

Gastric band surgery does not make permanent changes to your anatomy and so it does not involve any cutting or stapling within the abdomen. Gastric band is also the only fully reversible bariatric surgery currently available.
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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the newer bariatric procedures available and is showing great promise in helping people achieve long lasting weight control. Also called the sleeve gastrectomy, this surgery involves removing a section of the stomach to create a long narrow tube that not only alters the amount of food that can be eaten but reduces production of hunger hormones so that appetite is also reduced.
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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric Bypass has the longest history of any weight loss surgery in the United States and is often called the “Gold Standard” by which other weight loss procedures are measured. This surgery restricts food intake and also reduces the number of calories that the body absorbs.
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Medical Weight Loss

For those individuals who do not qualify for bariatric surgery or who are required to attend a medically supervised weight loss program prior to surgery as part of their insurance requirements, Florida Bariatrics and Wellness Center offers a comprehensive medical weight loss program featuring OPTIFAST®.

Recognized as one of the highest quality and most effective medical weight loss programs available, the OPTIFAST program is ideal for individuals wishing to lose from 10 and 100 pounds of excess weight. Learn more about medical weight loss

ORBERA Intragastric Balloon

The ORBERA weight loss system presents an exciting new alternative for those looking to lose weight without invasive surgical procedures.
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