Adjustable Gastric Band


Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding is a restrictive mode of bariatric surgery that is designed to help overweight and obese patients safely lose weight. This restrictive surgery helps patients to feel full for longer periods after consuming less food. The most popular kind of adjustable gastric banding procedure is the Lap-Band procedure.

Benefits of the Gastric Band

Minimally Invasive Procedure

gastric band surgery The adjustable gastric band is performed laparoscopically. Traditional surgery is often performed in open procedures, which means that the surgeon is required to make large and exposed incisions in order to perform the operation. With the use of special tools the Lap Band procedure is performed through several very small incisions in the abdomen. The procedure therefore causes less scarring and discomfort and patients recover faster after this minimally invasive procedure. By eliminating the need for an open incision the laparoscopic approach reduces risks that are often associated with any major operation such as bleeding and infection.

Outpatient Procedure

The laparoscopic adjustable gastric band procedure is often performed on an outpatient basis. This means that a majority of patients will be able to return home just hours after their operation, eliminating any need for a prolonged and expensive hospital stay.

No Cutting or Stapling inside the Abdomen

Due to the nature of the Lap Band operation no portion of the stomach or digestive tract are cut and there is no need for internal stapling. This allows the Lap Band procedure to be 100% reversible if need be. Most adjustable gastric band patients do not require its removal however, as often any discomfort or side effects can be corrected by simply adjusting the band.


During the gastric band surgery, your surgeon wraps an adjustable silicone band around the upper portion of your stomach. This band controls the amount of food that you are capable of consuming at a given time. Connected to the silicone band is a long plastic tube that attaches to an access port that is placed directly under the skin. This tube functions as a type of hose that allows for the transport of sterile salt water to and from the band around your stomach. Following the procedure your physician will be able to inject or remove the saline solution directly into the port that was placed under the surface of the skin. This is what allows the band size to be adjusted As more saline is injected into the band, the tighter it will become around the stomach. The adjustment process causes minimal discomfort and is done during a typical office visit with your physician.

By adjusting the band to suit your needs, your surgeon can customize the rate of weight loss and ensure that you remain comfortable while relying on the band to assist with weight loss.

Lower Risk of Malnourishment

Bariatric procedures that alter the digestive tract such as the gastric bypass increase your risk for malnourishment as it is difficult to get sufficient vitamins and minerals from your diet. These operations usually require a lifetime of daily supplements to replace vitamins and minerals that are needed to remain healthy. Malnourishment problems are rare after adjustable gastric band and it is likely that the only supplementation that will be required is protein shakes and a bariatric multivitamin.

Gastric Band Success

Gastric band is a tool to help you gain control of your weight by helping you to follow an appropriate diet and increase daily physical activity.   By adhering to dietary guidelines and a regular followup schedule, gastric band patients routinely lose in excess of 50% of their Excess Body Weight.  Some patients are able to lose considerably more than this.

At Florida Bariatrics and Wellness Center we maintain a variety of support groups and online programs to ensure that you are always able to receive the assistance you need to achieve gastric band success.